Dr. Joshua Paredes, D.C.

Dr. Joshua Paredes was born in Newport Beach, California. He has been very active in helping the less fortunate while both in and out of school. He has traveled to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to bring much needed medical aid to children through chiropractic care. More recently, he went to Tijuana, Mexico to bring health services to orphans in the very heart of the city.

When he is not serving the community or others in need, he spends his time as an avid hiker and has an affinity for exploring the vast and beautiful California wilderness on the weekends

Dr. Joshua is a third generation chiropractor and brings the same high level quality chiropractic care that his mother Dr. Lori Prescott and his grandfather Dr. David Prescott brought to their patients.

Dr. Joshua Paredes specializes in the Chiropractic Biophysics technique, a system of chiropractic spinal analysis and care.




Dr. David Vigil, D.C.

Dr. Dave Vigil graduated magna cum laude (with honors) from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He earned his Doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles after successfully completing the comprehensive four year program. Immediately upon graduating,
Dr. Dave worked full time in a practice before taking over another from a retiring doctor he’d worked with in the past.

Since 1985, Dr. Dave has built a thriving practice at Seal Beach Chiropractic. He remains ever committed to staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and treatments. His guiding principal is based on the body being a self healing, self regulating organism that has its own doctor within. In everything he does, Dr. Dave helps you see the huge connection between your mind and body and its affect on the nervous system. By working in partnership with you, he does the necessary adjustments to help get your nervous system free of pressure so your body can heal and repair itself…and stay well.

He knows what it’s like to be in physical pain. It started back in college when he initially took coursework to become a dentist. After extensive hours of studying he began having excruciating headaches. Doctors prescribed pain killers that wreaked havoc on his intestines to the point where he found it hard to eat. His mom recommended he see a chiropractor, and despite being skeptical he went. After just a few visits his headaches were finally gone. The treatments changed his life…and his career path. Recently he celebrated his 25 years in the field, a milestone that finds him as passionate as ever to help other people.

During his free time, Dr. Dave loves to surf, weight train, travel, do yoga, play with the rescue pets he’s adopted, wear Hawaiian shirts, and yes, even get chiropractic adjustments regularly for wellness care. He especially enjoys spending time with friends and family. As a matter of fact, his mom has worked in the office for 21 years and his 93 year old father continues to stay young by getting adjustments from him every single week!  

Our Team

(Left to Right: Cindy Spinosa, Gail Vigil, Dr. Dave Vigil, Leah Steward, Jodie Parker. Not pictured: Jessica Burger)

From cheerfully greeting you by name and asking you how you are…and truly caring about your reply, to scheduling your appointments, thoughtfully guiding you through billing inquiries, assisting with the decompression treatments, and patiently answering your questions, you won’t find a nicer more committed and educated staff. Many of us, in return, get to know them by first name basis, care about how they are doing, and feel they are an important part of our process to heal and maintain our health.